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Darlene enjoys farm life in rural southern Georgia USA

Our Sacred Heritage

Imagine this for a moment: From God came all things. Everything that is, has been or ever shall be has its roots within Him (Romans 11:36). He created you and me. We have a sacred heritage. What a mind-blower. Humbling, isn’t it? The high and Holy One takes care of ...

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Friend of Sinners

On or about A.D. 33, in Palestine, a new rabbi arrived on the scene. Word on the street rapidly spread that He was a friend of sinners. The religious community expressed outrage over this, and accused Him of seeking companionship with lowlifes. In other words, they were ashamed of Jesus’ ...

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Eternal Love Beyond Logic

Defining love boggles the intellect. Like holding an elephant in a rocking chair, you may try, but it won’t be easy. Let’s just say–you’d need help. However, Tullian Tchividjian does a magnificent job in his latest book, One-Way Love. God bequeaths grace to the undeserving. That’s all of us. Furthermore, ...

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Fully Follow The Lord

In 1978, Michael Hart published a somewhat controversial book, ‘The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons.’ Unsurprisingly, Jesus Christ made his list, but ranked third behind Muhammad and Sir Isaac Newton. In Hart’s opinion, Jesus’ influence fell short, due to those who claim to follow, but don’t abide ...

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The Marvel Of Adoring

All over the world, people search for something or someone to worship. Many ancient civilizations adopted a world-view that included bowing to sacred objects. The English word worship comes from an Old English word ‘worthship,’ which denotes worthiness of the one receiving adoration. It was in this reverent posture that ...

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