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Ennis Smith

Fairy Tale

As young children, television teaches that Knights in shining armor always win the heart of the fair maiden. All he has to do is rescue her from perilous dangers and she will immediately fall in love with him, forever. Unfortunately, in the adolescent years, the world’s formula for dating often ...

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Staying The Course

When I got saved four years ago, God implanted a whole new set of dreams and aspirations within me, and charted a new course for my life. While I always loved to write, I never once pictured myself writing Christian fiction or non-fiction material. I also never imagined I would ...

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Even Through The Storms

As a kid, I saw a lot of interesting interactions between my parents. My Mom and Dad threw house parties together. They drank alcohol and smoked cigars and cigarettes side by side for years. I heard them laugh together, in the wee hours of the morning. I also saw them ...

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When My Armor Breaks Down

A good father represents strength personified. He is a pillar of living and breathing heroism, for the family. Whenever there is a breakdown of any magnitude, Dad is right there to put the pieces back together again. But, what happens when there is a catastrophic collapse that not even Dad ...

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A Letter for My Courageous Son, Nathaniel

Dear Nate, Sometimes your quiet demeanor makes it difficult for us (Mom and me) to understand what’s going on inside your head. We never want to make you feel uncomfortable in expressing yourself to us, so we tend to keep our questions and conversations short. We figured the day would come, ...

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