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Ennis Smith

Unstoppable vs. Immovable

“On pay day, we’re going to spend a portion of the money on that vacation we’ve been planning for years. No more waiting. We’re doing it.” “No dear, we’re not. We’re going to give that portion to the church. We’ve already talked about this, and I’ve decided this is what ...

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My wife and I have five children, and every year she would run out to buy some form of a small swimming pool; nothing extravagant. Usually, she’d buy a quick-erect, blowup vinyl pool. You know, the type that’s easy to fill up, with an expandable floating top ring. As the ...

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Unappreciated & Undervalued

Men have a certain tendency to be bull-headed at times. We’re prideful creatures. The idea of our wives being as equally smart as we, is really a hard concept for some men to follow; yes, even within the Christian community. I’ll give you a familiar example. “Honey, I think you ...

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