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I was born and raised in the plains of Kansas. After high school, I moved to Omaha, Nebraska where I graduated from Grace University with a Bachelors in Bible and Elementary Education and an endorsement in ESL. A couple of months later, I moved to China and taught ESL at an International school for three years. It was during this time that I became a member of Faithwriters. In 2010, I moved back to the U.S. and taught for one year on the Navajo Reservation. At the end of that year, I moved to Albuquerque where I met and married my husband. I now have beautiful baby girl and work part-time as a writer and a tutor.

Ginny Owens: A Deeper Vision

Her music displays a wealth of emotions and deep spiritual insights.  There is an honesty and something that makes you think that she sees more than most people.  She is a singer/songwriter who has been composing music from a very early age.  She tours the nation and spreads the light ...

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Three Great Fictional Teachers

Teachers don’t just teach facts, they nurture souls for life. In honor of all the teachers – in homeschool, private school, and public school settings – here are three of my favorite teaching movies.   Dead Poets Society (1989) Robin Williams plays John Keating, a teacher with a heart for ...

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Life through a Runner’s Eyes

I remember the pain, the burn, the euphoria, feeling as though I could run forever, knowing that my pain was taking me closer to my goal, looking forward — pushing forward to that moment of extreme satisfaction when I would cross the finish line knowing I had given everything, and ...

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