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Manling was born and grew up in Taiwan. She came with her husband and 2-year-old son to New York, NY, at age 30 to fulfill her dream of studying in the graduate school. She received a black belt in Taekwendo at age 40 and has been applying the Bible truth and discipline learned in the martial art to fight in her faith as a spiritual warrior. She works with God to write and is currently a freelance reporter for a national Chinese newspaper and writer based in Minnesota. Much of her writing is in the areas of spiritual learning, Bible study, parenting, education, Sunday school, opinions, interviews, and people's stories, etc.

God Speaks Through Me (Chinese/English)

God speaks to me through my lips. When I share His message and focus on blessing others, But the message is for blessing me too.   While I heard the condemnation that hinders me from sharing, I was reminded to just share one thing that touched me. And God speaks ...

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His Accompanying – Poem (Chinese/English)

No listening to any stumbling lies. No caring about any hindering sighs. You are set free by the Truth through Jesus’ precious blood. Don’t make His blood waste. Take your heart and move on, Inch by inch,Task by task, He is leading you with | His grace and strength for ...

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Help Me To Live, Jesus

O, Judas Iscariot, it doesn’t need to be you, To choose to betray Jesus by the temptation of worldly gain. Your regret tells your sorrow of sin, Your shame tells your conscience of guilt. I wonder if Jesus chose you to be one of His disciples, Not meant to trap ...

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Thankful For Being Alive (Chinese/English)

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in life are when you are born and the day you find out why.” After I was redeemed and saved by Jesus Christ,  My life journey has been more and more enlightened; Like the noonday sun, it shines brighter and brighter. The ...

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Giving Thanks Is Our Action Of Faith

John 6:20 But he saith unto them, It is I; be not afraid. Jesus walked through the situation where there seems no way, To your boat of heart, assuring you, He came through for you because He cares about you. Where the darkness is, The moon in the sky and ...

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