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Zacharia Fox

Zach Fox lives in Floyd, Iowa with his charming wife, Beka, and four kids. He spent two years in Master's Commission discipleship training, in Kansas City, and is ordained through the FCA. He specializes in writing short stories, and enjoys jogging and basketball recreationally.

Brave Enough To Stay

The two things most familiar to me were the North Atlantic, and the feeling I’d forgotten something. I stared at Maine’s rocky coast as my boat bobbled over swells toward Cumberland Docks. “Dietrich!” Chappy, my crew captain called. “I’ll get the shrimp out to market and have the boat turned ...

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Are You A Throne or A Manger?

And the day had started with such promise. Bradley Porter jiggled his leg as he sat at his desk scowling at his assignment. He was a smart boy, earning top marks in every subject. He loved his little Christian school, sporting a pressed uniform and cardigan; but most of all ...

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