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Prolonged Physical Life, Or Living Life With Purpose

How does one prolong life? This has been a question for many years. A new discovery is strengthening the possibility of adding up to 10 years to a person’s life. Protein molecules called GSK-3 are responsible for shortening life. According to Wikipedia, they serve as regulatory agents. New research shows ...

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Monkey Think Monkey Do, Or Thinking God’s Thoughts

Monkey think, monkey do. Scientists recently went “ape” over wiring together multiple monkey brains to make one “organic computer.” An article by Carl Engleking reports the networking of rats and monkeys to produce “simple tasks and computations better than an animal flying solo.” After several tests, three monkeys were wired ...

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Genetics Links Present Day Jews With Aaron The High Priest

Recent discoveries add to the veracity of the Old Testament. The archaeological unearthing of parts of cities, artifacts, and buildings of ancient biblical times, including the city of Gath, the home of Goliath, the giant slain by David, all provide evidence that the Bible is true. A recent article declared ...

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