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Turn Up the Music, Lift Your Spirits: “Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace

Ahhh, to be young again. Sometimes I wish I could go back and re-live my childhood days, as they seem a far cry from some of the headaches and heartaches I’ve gone through in my later years. Still, I thank God for the journey—for the wisdom I gained along the way. It has made me stronger and wiser, although gray-er at the same time.

Well, I can’t return to those days, but at least I thank God for the opportunity to be young at heart. I thank Him that I can remember the “good ol’ days” as a kid, just hanging around my neighborhood outside with friends. We’d jump rope, play hide-n-seek, and chase each other up and down the street all afternoon. We’d make up silly games of our own because there was no internet or video games to supply us with entertainment. Pure fun! I still remember my grandmother’s stern voice saying emphatically, “Kids belong outside!” Yes, those were simple days, but so incredibly wonderful. Great memories!

Those days seem so innocent, and so far away. As I listen to the news these days, it seems so much is happening in the world, more than we ever seemed to know about as children—sometimes too much to bear. And then on some days, before I can even listen to the things going on in the world, I find myself striving to manage the challenges of my own world—family relationships, workplace issues, health matters … need I say more? Some days, I admit, I let my woes get the best of me.

It is on such days that I rely on an uplifting piece of music to soothe my soul. On this particular day, I am pushing “play” on Jamie Grace’s “Beautiful Day,” from her album Ready to Fly (Gotee Records, released Jan. 28, 2014). This is a song that definitely comforts me as I am reminded that God is my refuge (Psalm 46:1, Psalm 91:2), and that in Him I can find freedom (Galatians 5:1, John 8:36). It is a fun song with a simple, but wonderful message that makes me shift my focus off my problems and on to the great Problem Solver. It reminds me that I can rest in His care. Ahhh, what a feeling!

Now, am I saying that when you listen to this song your problems will just magically go away in a flash? Well, likely not. However, I will say that changing your mindset can plant a seed that begins to change your outlook on your situation.

As with all things, place God first, ahead of the news report, the doctor’s report, the weather report, and any other report that threatens to dampen your mood. Give Him thanks for His ability to provide you with sunshine, safety and security even in the midst of life’s storms. God loves it when you put Him first, and give praise and thanks to Him. It shows that you appreciate Him, you trust Him, and that you know who He is. He takes notice and things begin to fall in line when your attention is on Him (Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 37:4).

So, no matter what is happening around me, I choose to give thanks to God and to enjoy the gift He’s given me of this beautiful day. I’m listening, I’m bobbing my head, I’m smiling. Ahhh, I’m feeling young again. Okay, well, at least young at heart! What a feeling!

Why don’t you try it? Take a listen and bask in this “Beautiful Day.”

Beautiful Day (from Ready to Fly, Gotee Records, released Jan. 28, 2014)
Jamie Grace

Check out the official lyric video here.

QUESTION: What songs do you listen to that help you begin to change your outlook on a troubling situation?

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