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Big Daddy Weave’s “Redeemed”

Mike Weaver, one of the founding members of Big Daddy Weave was the writer of the hit song “Redeemed.”  The song topped Christian charts for eleven weeks. The Song spoke of Mike Weaver’s personal struggles in his walk with the mighty Lord Jesus Christ. He relayed the story behind that monumental hit; he went into his garage to cry his heart out before the Lord. Here is his story:

Mike had set a goal to lose 90 lbs by December of 2009. He was off to a fast start, losing 70 lbs, then losing 10 more lbs, and by December he taken off 84 lbs. He did not make the goal of 90 lbs and he fell into a black hole at this time in his life. The old image of failure had reared its ugly head and Mike was strongly battling with the “low self-image syndrome.”  During his heart wrenching talk before the Lord; the Lord told Mike he loved him and he created him just the way he was. Mike’s perception of who he was in Christ changed greatly that day.

Mike penned the words to “Redeemed” from that encounter with Jesus. Basically in the song he talks about struggling with old ghosts in the past, and his old nature; that nature that kept his mind weighed down with the “failure label” and made him struggle for a very long time. The song later rings out the liberating truth that we are redeemed from our old nature.

Mike was surprised how God had used the song so mightily and touched so many lives. He realized ministry in music is about the message not the music itself. Big Daddy Weave was nominated for four Dove awards because of the “Redeemed” song.  This song became one of the band’s most popular hits in their long 17 year career.  “Redeemed” was the first in a string of chart topping hits for Big Daddy Weave from what proved to be one of their most successful Cd’s the band has produced in their musical career. “Redeemed” speaks to the struggles many Christians face today but reminds us that we are redeemed and victorious in Jesus.



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