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Christy Nockels: Everyday Life is a Gift from God

Christy Nockels former lead singer for “Watermark” has launched into a solo career. She has become a renowned worship leader, leading the Passion worship projects which focus on students of college age. She testifies that over the four day sessions the students are transformed by the glory of God from walking with heavy hearts to casting all their cares in sweet release to Jesus.

She tells of how the Lord dealt with her about leaving the busy life of being a member of Watermark to re-adjust her priorities and learn how to be a wife, mom and homemaker. During this growing process the Lord taught her how to be at home and live everyday as a homemaker. The Lord showed her how to be still and make her household a priority. Her desire to write songs and sing for the Lord never diminished. Christy was obedient to the Lord’s voice and God honored her by opening the doors for a successful solo career.

Christy walked through some hard times as she has had two miscarriages but God has blessed her with three healthy, thriving children. She wrote a song entitled: “Glory Baby” in the early 2000’s which helped her in the healing process. She has developed the ability to comfort other women who have loss babies through miscarriage. God ministered great comfort to her during these rocky times. Christy exhorts us to remember that God is with us in everyday life as he has been with her in a real way.

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  1. Awesome story! Something I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. 🙂

  2. Hi cristy nockels what is your cellphone number from sarah hill

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