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Dog Show Will Find Homes For Needy Canines

If you are a dog lover here is your chance to adopt a needy canine. “More than 8 million animals end up in shelters every year and only half of them make it out.” This is what Oscar winner Hilary Swank said in reference to a dog show to be aired on Thanksgiving. Many dogs have been rescued from abuse and abandonment. Shelters are not equipped to handle all of the animals given to their care, and some of them have to be put to sleep. At the same time there are families that may want to adopt one.

There are dog shows that feature a variety of breeds and sizes all competing for the top honors based on grooming, behavior, and obedience. The dog show to be aired on Thanksgiving will be unlike any other. Its purpose is to raise money for rescuing abused and neglected dogs and to find homes for adopted canines by Black Friday. “Fox’s Cause For Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular” will be televised from 8-10 p.m. on Fox.

The line up will include co-hosts Hilary Swank and Emmy award winner Jane Lynch. Also appearing will be Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, and many other celebrities. The real stars, however, will be the dogs, including a Chihuahua in a wheelchair, and a three-legged Great Dane.

Throughout the program will be dog stories, viral videos, and contests. Dogs will be judged in several categories for cutest puppy, best celebrity lookalike, best licker, smartest dog, funniest dog, best “talking” dog, and most talented. Along with all of this will be the presentation of the “Shelter Hero of the Year” award to an individual who has shown dedication to dogs receiving shelter, love, care, and the resources until a home is found. This one of a kind dog show is being produced in association with the Pet Finder Foundation which provides help for over 13,000 animal shelters and rescue organizations. Viewers will be able to donate and will be given information to adopt animals in their local area.

Get together with your friends and relatives on Thanksgiving to see this all-star dog spectacular. You can always watch another football game, but this will be a chance to warm the heart of a dog, as well as your own.

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  1. Such a great cause, I’ll be watching. It’s heartwarming to get the backstory to the pets. Great article!

  2. Such a great cause. I’ll be watching. It’s heartwarming to get the backstory to the pets. Great article!

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