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Michael Franzese: Turned inside out by Jesus

Ephesians 3:20 ” Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. The power of God touched the heart of Michael Franzese, a former crime boss who became one of the richest bosses since Al Capone. He was brought into the Colombian “family” at 21 years old. His initiation involved having his finger sliced to establish a life long “blood” covenant between him and the gang. He sold gasoline below the legal limit and became very wealthy very quickly. He was making 9 million dollars a week. He also combined with the Russian mafia to enhance his influence.

Fortune magazine at the pinnacle of his career listed him as one of the top twenty crime bosses in the country. He developed a knack to beat federal indictments brought against him. He had beaten five indictments and began to think he was invincible. He met a wonderful woman, Camille, who he fell head over heels for and eventually married her. She came from a deeply religious family. God began to use this meeting and marriage to change his heart. He was finally indicted and sentenced to prison. While in prison he daily read the bible.

The lord transformed his heart and dramatically changed his life. Once he was released from prison in 1995 he started a ministry called: Breaking Out Foundation, which has been helping talented youths to establish themselves in life; who are unable to do so otherwise because of circumstances beyond their control.

Now Michael speaks around the country sharing his testimony of how Jesus revolutionized his life and helped him quit the mob at his conversion. There is a movie being made called “God the Father” a documentary about the life of Michael Franzese and his spiritual conversion in prison. The documentary is to be released in October 2014.How God turned this former mob boss around making him a shining light in America today.

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  1. Thank you for this article Greg.
    I first learned about Michael Franzese from my husband who learned about him in prison. My husband was not a lifelong criminal. He was in middle management. He ‘believed’ but life and responsibilities were always his priority. He managed all on his own, giving no credit for his successes and abilities to God. God helped him quit drinking before we were married. But the pressures of life, basically ignoring God (other than saying good bye to us as my son and I left for church) …and the enemy who had not forgotten about him, got the better of him. After over fifteen years he drank again.
    I could see that the enemy wanted him back. So I prayed…A LOT. Outside of the drinking, (which is a pretty ‘normal’ way of life for many people) our life was good except for the conflict with my faith – which was growing deeper.
    I refused to allow the enemy to continue to destroy my husband. After praying that scary prayer ‘whatever it takes.’ Our life took a very unexpected turn. After his arrest, his addictions (alcohol, 2-pack a day smoker, coffee) all stopped cold turkey – by necessity. My husband who never enjoyed reading and admits that he probably only read one entire book in his life, now studies his bible and reads devotionals – he seeks God. Which was the prayer of my heart. The enemy tried to take us both out and destroy my family in the process. By God’s grace and trusting Jesus, the enemy failed miserably (of course).
    Cynical people may scoff at ‘jailhouse conversions.’ But God can reach us anywhere – he will PLACE us anywhere that He needs to in order to reach us, it may be the hospital, it may be away from those things that are distractions, and in some cases it may be jail or prison, (even if it may seem unlikely).
    God can, and will, use anyone, anywhere…if we allow him. But like Michael said, for that to happen we must surrender.
    Praise God for those who have surrendered and are willing, like Mr. Franzese, to serve God.

  2. Greg, What a wonderful-inspirational article! This conversion was the most incredible story I ever heard. Thank you for covering this miraculous story. Praise Jesus–our beautiful Redeemer. God’s love does prevail!

    Melinda, Thank you for sharing a very personal piece of your life. I praise God for His amazing grace! Prayer is such a powerful tool. I’m so happy your husband is seeking God! Praise God!

  3. Melinda,
    Thank you for sharing a very personal piece of your heart with us.Praise God he settled your soul and your husband who is now seeking the Lord with all his heart.
    I was in Jail for a couple of days when the Lord started dealing with my heart.You are welcome Melinda.

    Susan you are welcome and thanks for your encouraging comments.

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