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‘Sold Out’ Athletes

It’s always refreshing to see Christians speak up with their faith in the entertainment world.  I am a huge sports fan; especially football.  Due to social media, I am able to follow many of my favorite ball players on Twitter.  On a daily basis, I can read and see on TV these Godly men speak truth.

There are men like Rashad Jennings, Tim Tebow, Russell Wilson, Kurt Warner, and many others.  Some are more vocal than others, but they all at least act out what they believe.  Whether it is a simple tweet about scripture, or a “thanks to God” in an interview, or even a kind act towards someone else, these men live out ‘total surrender’ on a daily basis.

I thought to myself the other day, “I wonder what I would do if I were in their shoes.  Would I be as sold out for Christ as they are?”  As I continued to ponder the question I came to a simple realization; I have my own stage to be ‘sold out’ for Christ.

I don’t need to be in the national spotlight to show others the love of Christ.  I just need to make sure I am doing it in my own life on a daily basis.  The only question I should really worry about is, “can the people around me tell that I am a follower of Jesus Christ?”

I can certainly use the examples given by these great athletes and how they carry themselves in the media spotlight as an example for how I can carry myself.  I may not have as big of a stage as them, but my stage is just as important.

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Although graduating with a Communications degree from Liberty University in 2008, I took a long break from writing until finishing my Master's in Education this past year. I currently reside in Lynchburg, Va with my wife and two children. By day, I work in insurance and by night I am a writer. When not playing with my kids and spending time with my wife, I enjoy spreading God's word through my writing.

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  1. Very encouraging to hear these athletes are using their platform for good. My husband and I just met and heard Darryl Strawberry earlier this year, and his testimony was a glimpse into how dark the sports world is – yet what a difference Christ will make when He’s invited in.

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