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“The Encounter” Movie Review

I love this movie because it has an excellent salvation message. The Dove Foundation said it was “An intriguing faith filled story.” It is an awesome evangelistic tool to introduce Jesus and His message. He gave us free will and it is ultimately our choice to accept His free gift of grace. This movie came out in 2010.

Bruce Marchiano is the main actor who portrays a diner owner who serves five strangers more than temporal nourishment. It touches on realistic types of personalities that are in this world. Jaci Velasques plays a lonely single Christian woman.  Steve “Sting” Borden plays an arrogant businessman who totally has too much pride for his own good. There is a couple on the verge of a divorce. Lastly, there is a young runaway with a very good reason why she left home.

These five strangers are marooned because of flooded roads and have no choice but to stop at this deserted roadside diner. This patient and loving host knows all of their secrets and possess an answer to all their problems, if only they would trust him.  It is a miraculous Encounter that will leave them all changed. This movie shows how every individual reaches a crossroad in their life where they have to choose their own destiny. Only faith can save them and it will prove that no one escapes justice. Even the devil makes an appearance; he is subtly portrayed true to form.

The message uses true facts from the bible. The actor who portrays the diner owner is believable and someone who is easy to fall in love with. This is an excellent family movie and I give it 5 stars.

John 8:12 (Amplified Bible)–He said, “I am the Light of the world.  He who follows me will not be walking in the dark, but will have the Light which is Life.

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