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One Thing Part 1 (Chinese/English)

One Thing 有一件事 John 9:25 -He answered and said, whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see. 约翰福音9-25他说:“他是个罪人不是,我不知道;有一件事我知道,从前我是眼瞎的,如今能看见了。”  This is the testimony of every true believer… I WAS BLIND, BUT NOW I CAN SEE. 这是对每个真信徒的试炼…从前我是眼瞎的,如今能看见了。  The blind ...

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Is There Leaven In Your Daily Bread?

The Pharisees and Sadducees  The Pharisees and Sadducees are often mentioned together in the Gospels as groups who opposed Jesus. The Pharisees were well known for their strict adherence to the Law and traditions, and often clashed with Jesus over interpretations of the Law and His authority. The Sadducees on ...

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The Cross Of Mercy & Grace

What could Jesus possibly see in me? It was for my sin, that He died on Calvary. Calvary gladly took Him in my place, even though I saw myself as a disgrace. A disgrace to Him for all the things I had done, yet He would have died the same, ...

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The Christians’ Clarion Call (Chinese/English)

Psalm 66:16-Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul. 诗篇66:16凡敬畏神的人,都来听我说,我要宣告他为我的灵魂所作的一切。 The Christians’s Clarion Call 基督徒的号角 Salvation from sin and having a relationship with God is truly the most amazing thing that can happen to anyone. I know that becoming ...

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