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Are You Tempted To Doubt The Bible?

A friend and his wife excitedly told me about the book they had recently read that contained new and intriguing information not found in the Bible.  They believed the writer who shared an experience of one of his clients. After some hypnosis sessions accompanied by what seemed an emotional healing, the author of the book came to the conclusion that everyone has lived a past life.  He presumed we don’t realize it because it is buried deep in the recesses of our minds.  Immediately, red flags began to wave wildly in my mind’s eye.

My friend’s wife was disturbed enough by the idea to ask the Lord if it was “truth”.   She continued reading and came to a chapter which explained that this writer’s subject had been included in the Bible at one time, but men in the early ages removed it for reasons that my friend couldn’t clearly remember. To her, that cinched it.  She asked, trusting that God would answer.  And there it was, plain and simple.  But did God provide that answer?  Really?  Since it didn’t align with His word, God didn’t give that answer.

The Bible has a lot to say about a person’s life.  God explains that man’s life is a fleeting thing wasted in vanity and carnality unless lived under Jesus’ lordship. (Isaiah 58:9)  He states that man dies once and then comes the judgement of man’s soul.  (Hebrews 9:27)  The Bible says that man is prone to believe every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14) and that we should “try the spirits” to understand what motivates man’s answers and actions. (1 John 4:1)

Jesus died once and for all. (Romans 6:9-11)  If we lived a multitude of past lives, we would thereby need Jesus to die for each one of those lives lived.  When we finally reach heaven, which “me” would be represented?  God says He knew us before we were ever conceived.  (Psalm 139: 15-16)  He knew me. He knew you.  Is it conceivable that within that “me” and that “you” He would condone multiple “me’s and you’s”?  No, it is not.

As for men removing the aforementioned “truth” from the Bible, God addressed that in Revelation 22:18-19, and it is not a pretty picture.  2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells me that God inspired men with the ideas and words He wanted generations to know.

God’s Word can be trusted.  What we need to know is written within its God-inspired pages.  We can stake our eternal lives on it.  Men have gone to their deaths believing its every, unfailing word.  If people start to believe things that “should be” or “used to be” in the Bible, but aren’t now, then they are walking in error and need a loving, wise Christian brother or sister to guide them back to the truth.  Then they make a choice.

God has given us this life.  He died for you and me as we live this life.  He has prepared a heavenly home for you and me when we exchange this mortal body for one clothed with immortality. (1 Corinthians 15:54)  Rest assured the Bible is true and complete.  God confirms it in 2 Timothy 3: 13-15.

What temptations have you dealt with concerning claims about the Bible being erroneous, incomplete or not trustworthy?

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  1. great post Stephanie! are you talking about the book “many lives many masters” by brian weiss? I read that book before I came to know Christ and it was definitely a book that added much confusion. I believe during hypnosis demons can manipulate people and create these false realities for the purpose of deception. This is such an important topic to be addressed because so many new age teachers always try to validate their demonic doctrines with Biblical references or claiming the corruption of God’s word to allow for it, etc.

    I love your point about God not condoning multiple “me’s” and “you’s” – those teachings are definitely not of God!

    • Thank you, Jason, for your comment. Yes, that is the book they were talking about. I didn’t want to mention it in the article so that others would not feel curious and taint their faith. I agree that hypnosis is dangerous and can cause additional problems. I have yet to check out Mr. Weiss’ stand on things of a spiritual nature. I suppose I would rather not assault my own conscience . God bless you as you continue to grow deep roots in God’s truth.

  2. I agree with Jason. I read that book before I became a Christian and it’s not considered a Christian book but instead more of a new age book. You are right we can trust the Bible and it’s great to study and keep digging for answers as to why we can trust every word that was inspired by God.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sarah, it didn’t sound like the author of the book had a strong Christian background. I really don’t want to read it, so your comment is helpful. Have a blessed week.

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