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Where does a young person look for moral guidance to the questions of our day?

Church Leadership: Clear Moral Direction is Needed

Is it acceptable for a Christian to divorce and remarry?

What does the Bible actually say about homosexuality?

Why is addiction so rampant in the general population today?

Which church denomination is the right one?

For many Americans today, there is much confusion and misinformation regarding ethics, morality, and the great questions of our culture.  Many people do not belong to a local church body, and/or they have not had a Christian upbringing. These topics and others are tackled by the Consortium of American Archbishops, Metropolitans, and Patriarchs (CAAMP) on the web site www.moralguidance.wordpress.com. The vision of CAAMP is to provide a clear and informed worldview to the desperate questions of our day.

“Righteous exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

The tenants of the church have been a backbone to civilization for centuries. However, since World War II, a decaying strain of permissiveness has seeped heavily into the culture, and into the church has well. The result has been that many churches, and even their leadership, have muddied the waters for their flocks. (Ezekiel 34:18) Whenever the church becomes like the culture around her, she forfeits her power and effectiveness. As the culture crumbles, a compromised church has no remedy to meet the needs of those dying in their sins.

While CAAMP is not a political group, nor does it endorse a single party or candidate, many of the moral questions it discusses have become trending news items in the mainstream press.

The consortium welcomes your individual questions as well. You may email any questions you have to the CAAMP administrator at [email protected] If you are a like-minded member of the clergy leadership and you would like to be considered for membership of CAAMP, please email our administrator at [email protected].

What topics are of top concern to you today? What issues do you believe have become the source of most confusion?

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