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Heart Issues – God’s Specialty (Ps. 51:10)

Imagine this conversation between Father God and one of His children:

*Bring your heart to me, Child.  I want to draw close to you.

Oh, no, Lord, I can’t.  It isn’t clean enough for you there.

*Come, Child, bring your heart.

Okay, Lord.  Here it is.  I want to be obedient.

*My Child, it is locked and barred.  I can’t get in.

You shouldn’t go in, Lord, it isn’t clean.

*Child, you can’t clean up your own heart.  Unlock and unbar the door and let’s go in together.

I don’t want to go in either.  It’s dark and there’s pain in there.

*Child, don’t hide your heart from Me.  You can’t make it clean.  Only I can clean up and restore your heart.  If you will not let Me in to work in it, it will always stay dark and pain-filled.  Over time it will become unbearable and you might choose to turn away from Me for eternity.

I’m afraid.

*Take My hand.  I won’t be offended by what I see.  I already know what is there.  I will not be repulsed.  The uncleanness  has no negative effect on Me…it can’t taint me.  So open your heart, Child, and let’s go in together.

That Child of God wisely decided to take God at His word and opened her heart’s door.

*Look, Child, these sins and hurts in your heart are causing the darkness and pain.  As they grow, the sharp edges poke and cut you.  I want you to have a clean, healthy, whole heart; one full of My glorious, healing light.

I want a clean, healthy heart, Lord.

*Good.  I can remove the unhealthy things.  Look, here is a wound which you have kept hidden from Me for a very long time.  Did you imagine I would be mad at you, find your heart too disgusting?  Did you think I would find you disgusting?  You have pain because your wound is still tender and easily broken open.  It bleeds and causes you pain.  I can take care of that wound easily if you will only ask.  I am able.  I am willing.

I want you to work in my heart, Lord.  Would you heal my painful wounds, take away the pangs of sin, and create in me a clean heart?

*Yes, My Child, I delight in creating clean hearts.  I came to earth to make my power available to you.  That is why I died on the cross…to set you free.

Friend, let us believe the truth that God, as a loving Father, wants to enter into our messy, wounded hearts and do the work that only He can do.  Whatever our issue, He is able and willing to take what’s wrong and make it right.

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Very true to life. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. What beautiful words to show the Father’s love.

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