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I Dress a Million Flowers

Today’s church is not walking in the true provision that Jesus has purchased for her on Calvary. Many of God’s precious children have bought into the lie of Satan that their only hope of provision is through the world system.  This false mentality is further from the truth of God’s Word or His heart’s desire for His bride.


Jesus gave us an inspired dialog in Matthew 6, of how God will provide for the basic necessities of life; and he will give us provision in abundance.  Our Lord exhorts us to not worry about provision as God will more than supply our needs according to his riches in glory in Jesus. The flowers of the field, he explains, are clothed in majestic colors by a loving Father’s hand.  How long to flowers live, Jesus asks this heart revealing question, to many anxious on lookers: How long do flowers live?  We know flowers live a very short time in comparison to human life.


God so elaborately dresses these temporary sojourners on earth, how much more will he lavishly provide food and clothing for us his beloved children?  Jesus is taking deliberate action here, to persuade us not to be anxious and thinking like the world and wondering where our next meal or set of clothing will come from. God has committed to take care of our bills, food and shelter if we will just seek his kingdom first and his way of doing things here on earth.


The key to appropriating the supernatural provision of God is found in Matthew 6:33” But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Notice God said seek me first and I will give you all these things. What a loving God we serve who will dress us so richly, as he  dresses  a million flowers.


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  1. Well written and good insight especially when we look around at how much people are dependent upon others to provide for their needs. What would happen if we just depended upon Him? After all, am I not as important as a bird?

  2. As I read your article, it spoke to me about the care God gives to even an object of beauty that only last for a short span of time to delight the eye and partake of it’s sweet fragrances; as well as it’s usefulness nectar for the birds and bees.
    Man has tried to duplicate its beauty artificially because we are intrigued by such objects that are clothed in delicate splendor that we can only desire to be arrayed in.
    Yet as you point out, we are cared by the Master Creator and highly prized with His love and care for we have been fashioned in His image and He breathed in us the breathe of live. Something more profound that sets us apart and even more astonishing is our privilege to have a personal relationship with Him through the provision made for us by the sending of the Messiah to redeem (purchase) us back with His blood that coursed through His veins; the plan laid down in Genesis 3:15, spoken about in Psalms 22, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9:25,26.
    What a wonderful and loving God we have!

  3. Cora,
    You are right as God clothes a transit flower so delicately and
    with such care and beauty. We as the Lord’s beloved must remember to
    not strive after to meet our own needs as God through Jesus has already
    provided for us. We need to rest in his love and let Him meet our needs
    and He will array us in the beauty he desires for us. He desires to pour his love out on us lavishly and meet all our needs in abundance.

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