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The Color of Humans is Red

1 Peter 2:17 Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.

As the movement about “black lives matter” spreads in the US, how do we see humans in their right “color”?

As I pray to God, I remember a powerful exhibition about human diversity I saw in the Science Museum of Minnesota. It was a full wall of display with people’s faces from different ethnicity. Under each man’s or woman’s photo, his/her blood type is described. It’s very obvious for the viewers to understand that all humans share the same color of blood no matter what color of our skin is. Therefore, I thank God for teaching me to see people’s color as red. I want to honor and respect each human as who he/she is, a being created in God’s image.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean in her book “Clothed with Power” confirms my learning about the true humanity:

The Hebrew word “adam” translated “Adam” or “mankind” comes from the Hebrew word “adama”, which is translated “ground” or “dirt” but literally means “red”. God created adam (man) from the adama (dust).

Red–crimson, scarlet–is the color of man, and specifically of the humanity of Jesus.

Therefore, let’s praise God for sending Jesus to the world. Jesus blended His humanity and His divinity to become the mediator between God and mankind, who is identified with both parties. Jesus is the only Mediator who can justly represent each man and woman in front of God no matter what skin color we have.

About Manling Chen

Manling was born and grew up in Taiwan. She came with her husband and 2-year-old son to New York, NY, at age 30 to fulfill her dream of studying in the graduate school. She received a black belt in Taekwendo at age 40 and has been applying the Bible truth and discipline learned in the martial art to fight in her faith as a spiritual warrior. She works with God to write and is currently a freelance reporter for a national Chinese newspaper and writer based in Minnesota. Much of her writing is in the areas of spiritual learning, Bible study, parenting, education, Sunday school, opinions, interviews, and people's stories, etc.

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