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The Look of the Radiant

Children of God when they look to Him will never be put to shame. Their faces will be radiant with joy as God’s love shines on and through them. No matter what trials, battles or uphill struggles they face. Their faces shine with the glory of God. They have learned to cast their burdens and the storms of life on God’s mighty shoulders.

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Psalm 34:5            

Jesus invites us to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us. We were created to walk in God’s supernatural burden carrying power and ability. When we walk in these 2 mighty truths we cannot help but have radiant faces that carry no shame. We can have that Godly peace that surpasses all human understanding when we look to Jesus to take care of all lives insurmountable problems. We know that nothing absolutely nothing is insurmountable for our Rock-Jesus.

David, the greatest king who ever ruled Israel, knew how to look upon God so he could have a radiant face in the Almighty’s presence. He knew God’s wonder-working ability which delivered him time and time again. David and the band of men he had with him were grieved to find out all their possessions including their wives and children had been stolen. David’s men blamed David for the losses. They wanted to kill him! David strengthened himself in the Lord. David knew that even in this heart-breaking circumstance his God would come through and deliver him. How the Lord delivered him! Not only did God deliver David from death but He also gave David and his men all their lost belongings and family members back. The family members weren’t harmed. Those who look to the Lord will have radiant faces! They will carry no shame! They will carry no shame!

Jesus our Great Forerunner knew how to look to His Father for a radiant face. He never wore shame while He ministered on earth. He knew Him who was able to keep all Jesus Christ committed to Him until that day.

Today the church needs to have a body of believers who look to God so they can have radiant faces. Letting the world know we don’t wear shame because we look to God as our strong deliver. We know our God is more than capable and willing to carry our burdens!

How can you look to God to wear a radiant face in His Presence?

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