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We Narrow-minded Christians



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We Narrow-minded Christians

By Joel B. & Cora B.

It is often considered to be an insult when someone looks at you and calls you “narrow-minded.”  However, it is our position that narrow-mindedness is not only a good thing, but a necessary attribute.

There are a lot of debates between Christians and people with other worldviews and it becomes tiresome.  People throw out their “fact” for your “fact”.  Eventually the individual we are debating becomes so frustrated that they call us “narrow-minded”.  We say, “Right on”.  You see, a Bible believing Christian must be narrow-minded to achieve the ultimate prize, which is salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 

At this point, you are probably already agreeing with us that Christians are narrow-minded, but may be looking at this as a negative quality.  However, we would argue that having too much of an open mind is what leads to problems.  In Genesis 3 we have the first sin by mankind.  How did this happen?  Well, the serpent convinced Eve to be open-minded about eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and she convinced Adam to do the same.  Because of their open-mindedness sin and death entered the world.

When sin entered the world because of the open-mindedness of man, God instantly provided the solution.  Not many solutions, but the One solution.  And when the One solution came to the earth you will never guess what kind of path he said we would need to follow.  He said in Matthew 7:13-15 that we would need to enter God’s Kingdom through the “narrow” path.   If the path is narrow, why would we want to be open-minded about everything?

You can call us narrow-minded Christians and we will just take it as assurance that we are doing something right.  We don’t need to be open-minded about everything.  The important thing here is to be narrow-minded on the Truth, which is Jesus Christ.  Remember, in John 8:31-33, Jesus even stated that if you are faithful to him “you will know the truth and it will set you free.”  So if being narrow-minded Christians leads to freedom in Christ, you can count us in.

About Joel Bauer

Joel M. Bauer is a 49-year-old U.S. Army Veteran from Dunn, NC, which is just outside of Raleigh. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, he attended school at Taylor University, a Christian liberal arts school, in Fort Wayne, IN, where he received his BS in social work and psychology. He has worked in such places as a homeless shelter, a community based treatment center for severe mental illnesses, a school for troubled students, and other social service agencies. His current endeavor is to build The Bottom Line website into a site that inspires both Christians and non-Christians alike, and brings glory to God.

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  1. Very well said Joel. I enjoy being narrow minded, it avoids all that the world offers–confusion, disillusionment, disappointments. With my mind on Christ and how to please and glorify Him is my ultimate goal, and He loves that!

  2. Well stated and so true. God’s book teaches us that narrow is the way. Narrow minded-God Centered, it is the Way.

  3. Have you heard the statement, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything?” Isn’t that exactly what is happening today? The average person doesn’t even know why they believe as they do, but we as Christians have a belief based upon the death and resurrection of Jesus and the rock solid inspiration of the Bible. Thanks for allowing me to be one of your writers. I appreciate another door of opportunity to give forth spiritual truth that will help guide people into the narrow way. John Livingston Clarki

  4. Well said all of you and Jesus said” He is The way, The Truth, The Life by his own assertion our lord said we as he was and is must be people of a narrow mindset.

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