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We Need Help!

Psalm 121:1-3
A Song of Ascents

The Song of Ascents, also called the Song of Degrees, are made up of 15 Psalms (120-134). They are also called Gradual Songs, or steps, stairs, high, hills, stories, go, goeth, going, mountain, chiefest, come, and before. All these different words used in these 15 Psalms mean the same thing–They describe our ascent in faith!

Our ascent in faith really starts with the question: “Where does my help come from?” Ascending in faith leads us to ever more weary eyes as we strain them looking at where we know our help comes from. It comes from the Lord as our eyes are fixed more on His help and less on the world. Growing in faith increases our spiritual vision to see just how weak we are to stem the tide of evil. As we take steps in knowing God exceedingly and abundantly more than we could have ever imagined or dreamed, we climb higher in the assurance of our faith.

The gospel can do nothing, but achieve it’s goal! The beginning of salvation is by faith, salvation continues to grow by faith, and the end of salvation will come by faith. Ascending is salvation’s natural course. It’s purpose is God giving us more and more of Christ’s righteousness. In our growing faith, we gain more assurance that our feet cannot slip, for our Lord never slumbers.

It is the great lie of our current gospel that preaches one can come to know God and not ascend in faith. The Church as it is now, is powerless to stem the tide of evil. We need God’s help to ascend in faith!

We Need Help

I don’t need a sign!
But, it’d be nice if things were clearer.
My confusing mind.
Such deceiving ears.
Draw me ever nearer, Lord.
Lines are being drawn.
Lines are being crossed.
Scores come to the cross-road very poor,
But are very poor no more,
When asked to drink from the cup.
Is it upside or is it right side?
Most don’t know which way is up!

I don’t care no more!
If I’ve a place for my head or have bread.
Who cares what’s the score,
When no one trembles.
When no one fears the fearful.
The message I now hear,
It changes nary a thing.
They heard, but didn’t get an earful.
Strangers to danger these wolves,
They speak with nothing to say.
How can it be after their hearing,
These hearers are still sin-sick today?

We need help!
Some supernatural Spiritual wealth.
We need help!
Children die before they see their mother’s eyes.
Natural affection is replaced by unnatural selection.
When wants become so free
And wants become our needs,
Dreams become our reality.
Feelings mean more than heredity.
Without help!
Hope is left to the hopeless who false speak.
God’s terror will be the end of this tragedy.

We need help!
Some supernatural Spiritual wealth.
We need a trilogy to save us,
For back to dust we go with no fuss.
I’ve no place to run or to hide.
Giver to receiver, please come beside.
I won’t lose hope if you will use hope,
For we need Your hope or we have no hope at all!
Let faith ascend ever higher.
You are our God my God.
You are the promise keeper.
You’re the perfect giver of The perfect Bride!

Ron C. Kyker

We have lost the true meaning and purpose of faith (Hebrews 11:3).

4 By faith Abel offered a better sacrifice
5 By faith Enoch was taken up so that he would not see death

6 And without faith it is impossible to please Him

7 By faith Noah…prepared an ark for the salvation of his household
8 By faith, Abraham, when he was called, obeyed
11 By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive…12 therefore was born many descendants

13 All these died in faith without receiving the promise

17 By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac
20 By faith Isaac blessed both Jacob and Esau
23 By faith Moses…was hidden…refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter…he left Egypt…he kept the passover…passed through the Red Sea
30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell
31 By faith Rahab the harlot did not perish
32 Gideon, Barak, Sampson, Jephthah, of David, Samuel and the prophets

Kingdoms were conquered and lions shut their mouths. The power of fire was quenched, the edge of the sword escaped, and the weak were made strong in the Lord. Women received back their dead. Many were tortured, mocked, scourged, chained, and imprisoned. They were stoned, sawn in two, tempted, put to death, afflicted and ill-treated. They wandered in deserts, in mountains, and in caves with no place to lay their heads: “And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us, they would not be made perfect.” (Hebrews 11:39-40). 

God wants “something better” than the Church, on the whole, is currently giving us! That something they are not giving is, instructing us in the righteousness in Christ seeing the assurance of our faith ever climbing higher from one degree of faith to another as we seek God’s approval (Hebrews 11:1-2).

As the days of our trouble continues and as the evil in our world grows to resembling the days of Noah, the Church must repent of the gospel it is preaching, and preach/teach ascending faith in Christ and Christ alone again! How are you looking towards Heaven to where your help (your ascending faith) comes from?



About Ron

I am a layperson with 35 yrs. of teaching Sunday School, bible studies, and preaching on occasion. I teach a bible study in a local prison. I am a 36 yr. counselor/social worker. I am disabled and have devoted the past four years to studying, praying, and writing about my greatest love; this gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save a man's soul. I also write devotions for a Church in Marion, VA and I write for an orphanage/ministry in Zambia, Africa.

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