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How Does God Define Beauty?

Have you ever given thought to  how God defines beauty? Most of us would readily agree that His definition is nothing like the ideals imposed on us by society! The corset is a “fitting” example of this ideal.   A stiff, constricting undergarment designed to change the shape of the body into what was considered the standard for beauty, it brought the desired hourglass shape to women for over 500 years. But this form of forced beauty was destructive:  internal organs became constricted from natural movement, lungs were squeezed until  breathing was labored, and  long-term use could cause damage to the liver, tuberculosis in the lungs,  various forms of cancer,  even death…

Superficial beauty often comes with a high price. Perhaps the highest is when we chase after it at the expense of developing the inner, lasting beauty of a healthy soul. One  filled with God’s love, kindness, mercy,  and thoughtfulness towards others and ourselves. A beautiful soul that comes from having a relationship with Him.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11, God reveals one definition of beauty to us, telling us that  He makes everything beautiful and appropriate in His timing, putting a sense of divine purpose into the heart of every one of us. This beauty shows itelf not in outward attractiveness, but in an inner longing in the heart of man to know his Creator. God calls it a mystery that we cannot comprehend fully in this life.  What a beautiful truth!

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