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Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

On His way to Caesarea, Jesus asked His disciples, “Whom do men say that I am?” (Mark 8:27) It wasn’t that He didn’t know the answer, but He wanted to help them understand that who He was would demand a commitment that cost everything. Because it’s easy to repeat what others say, they were quick to answer. But then Jesus asked a more personal question: “Whom do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:29) Only one answered then; Peter declared, “Thou art the Christ …”.

Jesus’ question is still relevant today. Who is Jesus to you?

The answer will vary widely. He’s a great teacher, a social reformer, a fearless prophet, the best example of self-sacrifice. He’s a miracle worker, a healer, a provider, an embodiment of truth, a forgiver of sins, The Savior. Jesus is the model of everything a human being should be. And this list can be easily extended.

Sinners know about Jesus. People from other religions know about Jesus. Thieves, killers and even church members know about Jesus. He’s no secret, really. Pastors preach about Him and the media broadcast movies about Him—such as Passion of the Christ and television shows like The Bible Series. Hence, anyone can claim to know about Jesus. But, not everyone can admit to having a personal relationship with Him.

The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, titled The Book of Luke, states: “We might know every verdict ever passed on Jesus; we might know every Christology that human minds have ever thought; we might be able to give a competent summary of the teaching about Jesus of every great thinker and theologian—and still not be Christians. Christianity never consists in knowing about Jesus; it always consists in knowing Jesus.”

Jesus asked a personal question that requires a personal answer. The type of relationship you have with Jesus will determine your answer. Is He only someone you hear about? Or is He someone you meet with on a regular basis via the Scriptures and prayer? Is He someone you have a personal connection with? Whoever Jesus is to you, we can all agree, He is the Christ.

Who do you say Jesus is?

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