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Because He Loves You

Why did He do it? Why did He wait two days, letting his dear friend die before going to him? Surely if He loved him he would not have left him waiting until there was no hope. What about his grieving sisters, Mary and Martha? They couldn’t understand why Jesus hadn’t heeded their desperate message to come and heal their beloved brother, Lazarus. Now, it was too late and even Jesus couldn’t help…

I have often wondered why God has made me wait so long for something I desperately wanted, even needed in my life. And why have things happened that cannot be explained? I think I look at my heavenly Father the way I look at an earthly parent. No loving parent would fail to do everything they could for their child, especially if they needed immediate help, as Lazarus did. But the problem with my way of thinking is that it’s not God’s way!

In John 11, verses 5 and 6, we see how Jesus felt about His friend: Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. (They were His dear friends, and He held them in loving esteem.) Therefore (even) when he heard that Lazarus was sick, He still stayed two days longer in the same place where He was. (Amplified Bible)

This verse says that because of His great love for Lazarus, Mary, and Martha, He waited to come and help–knowing Lazarus would die. This is not natural love that our minds can understand, but supernatural love.

God knows what is best for each of us, and in His perfect love for us He will always act in our best interest because He sees everything yet to come and knows everything we will ever need. Lazarus was a blessed man, and his sisters were two blessed women–Lazarus was raised from the dead after four days and his sisters witnessed that resurrection. But the blessing didn’t stop with the three siblings, others were no doubt pointed to Christ when He raised His friend to life anew. He loved everyone Lazarus’s resurrection would touch with the same perfect love–and He loves you and I with that love too, especially when we can’t understand our circumstances.

It may seem as if God is late in doing something for you and you’re questioning His love and care. Lazarus was waiting in darkness, and his sisters waited in grief and confusion. But take heart today–He knows what concerns you and His perfect love will never fail you. Trust Him in the waiting and know that He will raise you to life anew!

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My husband Dan and I have three children and three grandchildren. We live in central Illinois. I am a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature, a member of faithwriters.com, and a member of SCBWI. My writings have been published at chirstiandevotions.us, in DevotionMagazine, the PrairieWind Newsletter, and here at thebottomline.co.

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  1. Very well said, Lisa, very well.

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