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Short But Sweet

JOHN 11 约翰福音 11章 35节 Jesus wept. 耶稣哭了 SHORT BUT SWEET 短而甜 Surely the story of Lazarus depicts the spiritual state of us all before Christ came into our hearts; we were dead in trespasses and sins.  Like Lazarus we wore the grave cloths of our own good works, which ...

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rich, but cannot be saved

“With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).  Isn’t it amazing?  Jesus could have said this in connection with any of his miracles.  But he only said it about saving a rich man. Jesus had performed many miracles – impossible events:  Changed water into wine, healed the blind, fed the ...

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The Moldy Miracle

It started with a golden-colored cantaloupe purchased on a sultry summer day in 1943 in a Midwestern city. A woman named Mary, a Bacteriologist at the local agricultural lab, selected the ripe fruit for the mold growing greenish-blue on its navel. Along with her colleagues,  she was in search of ...

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Nothing Can Hinder God’s Unique Moves On Our Behalf

In a recent email, I read of a man’s thus far five months of incarceration.  His crime?  He made available a substance offering stellar healing results for the thousands with seemingly “incurable” health issues who have used it experiencing no side effects.  The powers that be were not happy.  Daniel ...

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Staggering Bible Statistics: The Miracle of God’s Word

Interestingly enough, two people can witness the exact same event and come away with two very different versions of what happened. Two children can be raised in the same home, under the exact same rules and expectations and can turn out entirely different. My husband and I like to tell ...

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