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Behind Closed Doors

I remember the popular tune from my childhood. I can still hum that melody in my mind that played on the radio so often, though I didn’t understand its meaning:“Oh, No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors…”.

Charlie Rich sang this popular song, included on his 1973 album of the same name: “Behind Closed Doors.”  The lyrics tell us that once your’re in the privacy of your own home and no one’s looking, you can have secrets.   But to believe that no one  ever sees what we do when the door is closed  is deception. In fact, it is part of the temptation to go ahead and indulge.

Psalm 25:21 makes it clear that help is needed in keeping our integrity and choosing godliness in private: Assign me Godliness and Integrity as my bodyguards, for I expect you to protect me.* In this verse, it is David asking God to do what he could not do  himself. He must have pictured in his mind two strongmen, one on each side, protecting him in the form of these two godly characteristics. He trusted God so much that he  expected Him to answer his prayer for help.    When temptation beckons to us to relax our standards, we too can expect God’s help if we ask, knowing that He will assign integrity and godliness to guard us!

Are we incorruptible, sound, complete, and  devout?  These are the qualities held within godliness and integrity…two strong guards to walk alongside us. But the choice is ours to make. We can choose to give in to temptation’s call when no one is around, or we can trust God’s never-changing Word that  warns us–in the end nothing will remain hidden. We must receive His divine help.

Do you believe that God’s promise of help is for you? Knowing that He sees what goes on behind closed doors, what will you do today to grow in the areas of godliness and integrity?


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My husband Dan and I have three children and three grandchildren. We live in central Illinois. I am a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature, a member of faithwriters.com, and a member of SCBWI. My writings have been published at chirstiandevotions.us, in DevotionMagazine, the PrairieWind Newsletter, and here at thebottomline.co.

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