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Living In The Age of Endurance

There are eight areas for which people need to have much endurance in these troubled times – to bear up without giving in. Ephesians 6:18 says to “keep alert with all perseverance.” False teaching and compromising the gospel of salvation (II Timothy 4:3-4 and I Timothy 4:1). Moral decadence and evil ...

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His Eternal Creation

Where would we be had He not set us free, when He gave His all on old Calvary. Our worth to Him is much greater than gold, each a rare gem, as the Story is told. God’s love was extended through Jesus, His Son, willingly died and rose — not ...

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Twisted Truths

The world as we know it, is in such sad disarray, grasping at straws, be that as it may. We seem to have a saying for all things these days, as if we are explaining each trial that comes our way. Explaining in metaphorical language, whatever fits in with our ...

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Texting With A “Digital Jesus?”

I felt compelled to write this article to alert people about a new app called “Text With Jesus.” In an article by CyberGuy Reporter at Fox News, Kurt Knutsson, this writer states, “For those longing for a more personal connection to their faith this app might be the digital salvation ...

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Peace Be Still

Though the world is filled with anger, our words must answer without slander. Words that deflect Satan’s intentions, keeping us shielded from his deceptions. So often we do not take our thoughts captive, before our own words have caused us entrapment. Following Christ’s example is always better, catching the devil ...

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