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Don’t Fret, God’s Got It Covered!

Watching those who prosper while doing evil can make you pretty angry! When will their day come? When will justice be served upon them? For those of us who serve God, it can be very angering to wait while we experience emotional pain at the hands of those who do evil.

While all commit sin and need God’s forgiveness, it is God Himself Who separates the evil and the righteous based on our response to Him. Those who trust Him and do good are righteous, while those who choose their own evil ways are evil doers. The 37th Psalm is 40 verses in length, and covers God’s plan for dealing with injustice due to the behaviors of others. Many of those 40 verses focus on the righteous, and what they must do:

1. Don’t fret or be envious-these things cause inner turmoil and emotional responses that we regret later.

2. Trust God and do good-it’s simple, do a kind deed for someone else who’s suffering while you put your trust in God to bring justice in your situation.

3. Delight in God-rejoice in what He has done for you and especially in Who He is! He is our creator and everything belongs to Him, His will will be done in the end.

4. Commit your way to God-let him lead you, trust that He has a plan for you that nothing can hinder without His permission.

5. Be still, rest in, wait on Him-the opposite of fretting!

6. Cease from anger and wrath, don’t fret-these things lead to evildoing on your part.

7. Stay meek-not weak, meekness is power under proper control, not weakness.

8. Deal kindly and with mercy-as you wish your enemies would deal with you.

9. Speak wisely and with justice-proper words and fairness are godly in any situation.

10.Keep God’s way-live the way He instructs in His Word, it is for our good because He loves us!

This psalm is also filled with God’s thoughts and intentions toward those who choose evil and refuse to turn toward Him with their hearts. A day of recompense will come. Remember what God does as He watches the wicked at their schemes–He laughs! (vs. 13)

Take comfort in this psalm when you feel the pain that an unjust world or an evildoer can inflict. We cannot handle everything the world throws at us on our own, but He can. No need to fret!

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  1. Lisa,

    I love this article, especially number 5 on the list. I think a lot can be gained from being still, resting, and waiting. It gives us a chance to meditate, listen, and give God an opportunity to do His part. In fact, it actually makes me think back to the story of when God actually put Abraham to sleep. Sure, it usually doesn’t happen like that, but we still worship the same God, and you just never know when He is going to surprise us. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless.

  2. Thanks, Joel! I’m going to study this Psalm, I think there’s a lot here to learn!

  3. It’s tough to wait for God’s hand when someone’s been wronging your family for years, but it is the best way to develop Christ-likeness!

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