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Love Bond of Man and Wife

Its Friday evening. Beer-thirty, is what they call quitting time, in the office. Teddy and a colleague are sitting at the local tavern’s bar, already nursing their fourth round of drinks, when a tall, athletic brunette waltzes by. Teddy catches a glimpse of her designer heels. Her form-fitting short skirt and low cut, sleeveless blouse accentuate her graceful stride. As his eyes quickly move up her back, Teddy catches the sly smile and coy blue-steel stare in her eyes. She’s flirting. Once upon a time, his wife Evelyn used to stare at him that way: before the kids, mortgage, soccer games, and school outings. He misses the attention. Perhaps this young lady might like a bit of company tonight.

Teddy’s in danger of falling for Satan’s trap. He’s already tripped the trigger, by allowing lust to cloud his judgment. In fact, Teddy should have been at home with Evelyn and the kids, in the first place. The sanctity of his marriage is being tested and he’s failing.

The world would have us believe its okay to engage in promiscuous relationships. Promiscuity is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord; a stench in His nostrils. It is the leading cause of a sky-rocketing divorce rate, in our nation. It shatters the bond of families. And in many cases, it brings about death through transmitted diseases.

1 Corinthians 7:2 (ESV) says, “But because of the temptation of sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.” God knew man’s penchant to fall into lust. He made provision for this weakness by implementing the institution of marriage, so that man and woman could enjoy the gifts of physical love and emotional intimacy in a way that is good and holy. Soul ties were intended to be exclusively shared between a husband and wife.

In marriage, we must purposefully strive to keep love for our spouse alive. Little things like intimate notes, scheduled dates and spontaneous surprise gifts go a long way toward keeping the flames of love burning through the years. We have to be sure to include time for each other, during our busy life schedules. But the most important aspect is an intertwining relationship with God. He is the third strand in the three-fold chord of a successful marriage.

Intimacy is an important link, in the marriage chain. Satan would like nothing more than to convince you that you deserve a new partner, after so many years. We Christians don’t always like to talk about intimacy. But, we need to discuss it…with our spouse. Nothing deters infidelity like a healthy intimate relationship, with your spouse. Be good and respectful to one another. Cherish your life partner above all others, who might pull you away. Remember, God chose a specific person for you, to bring you joy and a deeper understanding of what love can look and feel like. Always remember to fight for your marriage.

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  1. Very true to life. The enemy will always be trying to lay down traps. The best thing is to know his tricks so we can avoid them altogether.

    Also, I like what you pointed out about marriage being a “three-fold” chord. Many people don’t look at it as a covenant relationship involving God, and that is why things can often go sour.

    Very well stated article. Thanks for sharing. God bless. 🙂

  2. Well penned! We cannot take fire into our bosom and not be burned!

    Many times in God’s Word we are instructed to take a stand and face something to fight against it–with lust–we are told to flee.

  3. I hope a lot of couples read this, especially newly married ones. What many people do not underdtand is that loving someone is not based upon feeling; it is cultivated by a willful decision. There is nothing that has destroyed more marriages, and ministries, than adultery. Thanks Ennis, for sharing, and welcome to the family. John Livingston Clark. I log in as JLC.

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