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October 31st … Just another Day to be a Witness

A very important truth was brought to my attention this morning as I listened to K-Love radio. One of the hosts made a valid point, he explained that Halloween is actually the only holiday in which people show up at your door asking for something. Think about it. On Christmas, carolers may come to your window or door, but they are giving you a carol in song. He also explained how trick or treating presents the perfect opportunity for Christians to introduce Jesus to someone or remind another about Him.

This truth gave me a new perspective that I wasn’t thinking about before. The truth is, a lot of you probably overlooked this fact as well. Why? Because your indifference towards the day and what it stands for maybe blocking your vision of realizing that Halloween is by far one of the best times to share Christ with others. Yes indeed, something good can really come from opening your doors to hand out candies.

The Dead that Lived
What better time to talk about Jesus than Halloween? It’s already a day that’s celebrating the dead and all things ghoulish. That means talking about the dead creates the perfect segue into talking about Jesus. Go ahead, try it this Saturday. After giving out a candy or two, ask the question, “Do you know who died and was able to live again?” Then your answer can be something like, “Jesus is the only one to die and live to tell the story.” Leave them with a Bible verse such as Mark 16:6 or Luke 24:5-6 to ponder over.

Tracks and Treats
Christians can transform Halloween into a “stop-by-for-Jesus” holiday. You can find creative ways to personalize the treats and turn them into a message about Christ. One way is to get customized M&Ms with messages such as, “Jesus loves you.” However, the main focus doesn’t have to be on the treats but on handing out tracks or pamphlets as well. So, Halloween presents three ways to spread the Gospel. When trick or treaters and their guardians knock on your door, you can talk to them in person, share a treat that does the talking, or issue a track for them to read.

The Voice Echoes
We are called to be witnesses of Jesus Christ. Not just in December around Christmas time, but on every holiday. In fact, we are called to be a witness every day that we’re alive. Let us heed the voice of our Lord. From now on, don’t look at Halloween as some sort of evil holiday which deserves to be frowned upon. Instead, see it as the perfect opportunity for witnessing.

“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…” (1 Peter 3:15)

What will you do for Jesus this Halloween?

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