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Dad Build me a Rollercoaster

“Dad can we build a roller coaster in our backyard?” asked Lyle Pemble. “Sure!” Will Pemble responded and so “Caution Zone” was completed 6 months later. Will Tremble built a 180feet long,10feet high roller coaster in his backyard. The tracks were made of PVC tubing and the coaster frame was constructed from wood. The car itself was built out of steel. The name of the roller coaster “Caution Zone” was named by the kids. The name was inspired by the safety factors that went into the project.

The E-commerce consultant has been a proud father of a 10-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. The roller coaster project blossomed from an awesome ride called “Kinga Ka” located in an amusement park in New Jersey. Lyle was a little down having to go back to school after he experienced that awesome ride back east. He then popped the million dollar question to dad. They began the project in September, 2013 finishing the final touches in March,2014. The whole construction cost Will 3,500 dollars.

Will Premble chronicled the whole building project step by step on various videos on” You Tube “and he recorded the journey in his blog titled: “The Coaster Dad Project” in this blog he wrote extensively of the ups and downs and the whole emotional experience of building the roller coast. He told of the mental processes he imagined before he put his actual ideas into action. Visit his blog at http://www.coasterdad.com to read this wonderful journey of love. Will said he was open to building more projects like the roller coaster for his kids. He said that many kids in the neighborhood asked if he would build a roller coasters in their backyards. He mentioned people asked him if he would build roller coasters for them. He said that he would consider another career.

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