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Grasping God’s Hand

When we’re children, we feel safe and secure holding a parent’s hand. Crossing a busy street or entering an unfamiliar room full of people is much easier just knowing that they are there. And when we trip and fall, nothing comforts like their extended hand, ready to lift us off the pavement and tend to our hurts.  As our parents age, the situation reverses. Now, our  steady hand grasps their aged hand in support and strength.  Whether we are young or old, we all have the choice in times of trouble to grasp the Hand of God…

Psalm 37 gives courage and hope to those who serve God, when they inevitably face enemies and dangers in life. Verse 24 in this Psalm is a comforting illustration of God in our lives,  a picture of God’s Hand grasping ours: Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him. (Amplified)

Because God’s Hand is not One that we can see with our eyes, or feel in the natural, belief comes by faith in Him. His Word is filled with all the ways that we can “see” His Hand at work. The Hand of God: made all things (Isaiah 66:2), founded the earth (Isaiah 48:13), controls the lightning (Job 36:32), holds our times (Psalm 31:15),  saves (Psalm 60:5) has gained the victory (Psalm 98:1). And these are only a few of the ways that God’s Hand is there for us in support and love! Holding God’s Hand in faith as He leads will never disappoint.Nothing can ever snatch us from the faithful Hand of our Creator!

When difficulties come and all we can do is grasp a hold, He is there.  Knowing that the Hand of God made everything we see, that it sustains us, saves us, and even controls the lightning in the skies, what should be our response to Him in our time of need?

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  1. Beautiful. Reading those scriptures all together about the hand of God is so encouraging.

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