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God, Too, Delights In Precious Memories

When my daughter was between 9 and 12 years old, our nighttime routine was most always a joyful time.  It usually included reading lots of her favorite books and discussing Jesus and Bible stories along with the high points of the day.  We often talked about her dreams and wishes for the future.  Our routine included, for quite a long while,  a foot massage on her small feet and a back massage on her little back with prayers for God to direct the paths her feet would trod and give strength for the load that her back might be required to carry.  This sweet time always ended with prayer for loved ones and those needing God’s touch to overcome in their own particular areas of struggle.  As I turned off the light, I would hear her young voice repeat the nightly question, “Mommy, would you lay with me for a little while?  I like to feel your company before I fall asleep.”  I would gladly snuggle in beside her and wait.  Then, when I went to slip out without waking her, I would hear a dreamy, “Don’t forget to check on me every once in a while.”   My reply, “I won’t forget, my good girl. I love you.  Good night.”

Then there came a span of time when I guess I was feeling overwhelmed and sucked dry by some very full days.  I have heard that feeling likened to the typical juice box when the child has reached the bottom and continues to try to get more.  I think you get the picture.  My selfish response to the “will you lay with me” question was, “I’m sorry Abby, I can’t tonight. I have to ….”  She would graciously reply, “If you’re busy, that’s okay, maybe tomorrow night.”  This scenario birthed the following verses:

Mommy would you lay with me for a minute maybe two

Before you go to do the things you have left to do?

Or longer if you want to, it’s really up to you.

I like someone to lean on, someone to feel

Close up against my back, someone whose real.

I like to feel your company before I fall asleep.

As parents, most of us treasure time with our children.  They leave us precious memories that melt our hearts when we recall them.  But have you ever stopped to consider that our heavenly Father longs just as sincerely to spend time with each of His children?  He records our conversations in His vast love and remembers every word.  (Psalm 66:19)  He touches our lives and sings songs over us as we draw close to Him. (Zephaniah 3:17) He knows us intimately and yearns to shower us with little surprises that He knows delights our hearts.  And, unlike us human parents, He is never too busy or weary to connect with us and He never falls asleep. (Psalm 121:3)  He is the perfect Father who made His children for relationship with Himself.  Even if your relationship with your parents was lacking, give God a chance.  If you don’t have an intimate, loving relationship with Him, take the time before you go to sleep and feel his company.  He is there.  He loves you so very, very much.

About Stephanie Hanouw

I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Stephanie H,

    Love the article. I know I was able to connect with your experience and I’m sure others will be able to as well. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless.

    • I think that if each of us wrote down our precious moments, the world could not contain all those books. I think I’ve heard something similar somewhere before… : ) Our Great God delights to see us delighted.

      • Please Pastor, I have tried to reach out to you for help, Bitterness is eating me out and I need your assistance. Please do remember me as a fello w Pastor and someone needing help. Voices etc fear all please save a save a soul . [email protected]

        • I just saw your comment. I am not a pastor, and the only help I can give you is to point you to the one who loves you so much that He died for you on a heavy, splintery, wooden cross…and He didn’t get bitter about it. He FORGAVE you and that is what you have to do…FORGIVE whoever or whatever – even if it is GOD. You see the problem. If the problem were a thief in your house, you would grab him and throw him out for your loved one’s sake. Bitterness is a thief. Grab him and throw him out – no discussions about it. OUT he goes for your life’s sake. In the name of Jesus, I call that bitterness to the foot of the cross. In Jesus’ name, I command it to bow to the Lordship of Jesus in this man’s life. Yaw, If you have not bowed your knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, then that would be your first step. Psalm 91 is your protective covering and if you do not dwell in God’s secret place, you need to approach that problem first. May you find the peace you are looking for. God is not the initiator of bitterness and resentment. Let it go! That will entail humbling yourself and giving up your right to get even and rehearsing the whole thing over and over again in your mind.
          Take every thought captive! God bless.

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