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Jesus, The One True Vine

The world is searching for the truth,
but they’re being thrown for a loop.

Not knowing You as their Savior,
they’ve had their share of unfair favor.

True favor, only Jesus can give,
when listening to Him, we can live!

There are so many false truths out there,
that causes so much hatred and despair.

People are desperate for Your Truth today,
but deceptions have twisted it the wrong way.

Such, as it is, the world has created their “truths,”
causing the innocent to become confused.

Once confusion came on the scene,
the Truth was forgotten and not seen.

Fabricated lies began to infiltrate all in its way,
clouding the minds of those that could be swayed.

Oh, how we need the Truth of God’s Word today,
to sweep this country, breaking the chains of sin away.

If the truth were told about God’s Word,
the enemy would be quickly deterred!

Saints, fill your entire being with God’s ways,
and you will see the Truth overcoming today!

The enemy is always at war with our souls,
trying to create plans that will unfold.

We need to stay rooted in the Truth of God’s Word,
with our eyes fixed on Jesus, our Shield and Sword!

There are so many false truths out there to count,
that it sways those who have too many doubts.

Doubts about this, that, and the other,
creating offenses towards our sisters and brothers.

Christ will not work in a church without truths.
They would not hear Him speaking and would stay aloof.

Some churches that are in this world today,
are too easily convinced that they teach the way!

Once tried and tested and brought through the fire,
all the impurities are swept away in the mire.

Those rooted in Jesus, the One True Vine,
will grow closer to Him through the trials, each time! 

Jeremiah 17:7-8 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.  For he shall be as a tree planted by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit

About Linda Delgado

Linda Delgado was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. She moved down to Corpus Christi, Texas, with her parents, where she graduated from high school in 1977. She attempted to pursue a medical field, soon after. Realizing that's not where God's plan was for her, she continued following the Lord. In 1985, she married her husband, Rudy Delgado, who she recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary with. In August of 2022, she became a Poetry Author. She also enjoys sharing God's heart through freelance writing, as well. She is also a member of Faithwriters.com. In their leisure time, Rudy and Linda enjoy the company of their two pets, Tina (Chihuahua) and Miss Kitty (Tabby). They also have enjoyed the adventure of raising their, now, 17-year-old grandson. As of September 2023 @ 7:29pm, Linda's husband went to be with the Lord. Even though this has left a hole in her heart, she is going to continue writing , as the Lord leads. Rudy will dearly be missed by all who knew him, especially his wife Linda Delgado. Until we meet again!

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  1. Amen, Linda, you can say that again!
    When we look at the minds of men….
    By God’s truth we are set free and a new life we begin,
    Because God’s truth is desired, we will be rewarded in the end,

    But the rest of mankind will be in line,
    On the broad road at the end of time

    And be expelled for eternity in a place of torment
    Because they have broken God’s commandments,

    And though the Savior has offered forgiveness through His sacrifice,
    They still choose to live out their lives clinging to their own beliefs and devices.

  2. Dear Linda,

    Thank you once again for your loving words concerning the LORD.
    Your gift and the way you glorify Him through your writing is so evident in every word!
    Beautifully said…

    May God Bless you~

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