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Let’s Get Election Day Over With, Already!

I  despise our current elections process.  I am so sick of hearing about them, of witnessing bad taste in full swing.  The ads are terrible.  If words could kill, then every single candidate currently running for office would already be dead, and there would be no need for an election, because there would be no one left to vote for.  The name calling and character bashing comes from both sides of the aisle, and is incredibly shocking at times.

There is no public medium that I can access that is not abuzz with the latest polls, the swing possibilities, the latest accusations.  This has been going on for years, but the crescendo has risen.  So what has happened to human decency?  Why has it disappeared?

It went away when we allowed God to be taken out of our schools.  It went with each constitution guaranteed right we have lost in recent months and years.  It is unfashionable to be kind, caring, and sensitive to anyone who may have a differing opinion.  Once exposed, such a person quickly becomes a whipping post and is treated with great disrespect from then on.

On my way home tonight I thought I would listen to some good, soul soothing music on one of my favorite local stations, sort of to wave away the frustrations of the day.  Not so!  Even my almost totally music radio station was broadcasting the SAME THING!  Politics, who said what about who, and what it was so-and-so did to that-one-over-there.  I give up!

Even though it has done me good to vent here with you, we all need to be aware of what is going on. Elections should not be as they are.  Each candidate should have an opportunity to present their case as to why they should be the one elected to office.  If there is something the general public should be aware of in regards to this person’s beliefs and character then it needs to be shared.  But for goodness sake, does it need to be shared the way we currently experience it?  With degradation, scathing descriptions of how bad this person is?  Why can’t people be nice to one another?  Because it’s Election Day, that’s why.  I saw it on the calendar.  It’s tomorrow.  Then it will be gone. Yippee.

Jesus is the answer.  He is the key.  He is the One who can bring all sides together, with respect and dignity growing in the midst of the discord.  So let us show Jesus by praying for our government, the candidates, the ones who hold office, and everyone else in between.  That’s us!

‘How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!’ Psalm 133:1 (NIV)




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  1. My frustration this year has been trying to find basic information…I don’t care about their opinion about their opponent. I want positive, proactive position information. That said, next year, I think I need to compile that info and broadcast it. Let’s go vote :). Blessings, bj

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