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Marriage Rooted In Faith: The Unbreakable Bond

Adam and Eve: The First Marriage (Genesis 2:18-25)

In the beginning, God created Adam, the first man, and placed him in the Garden of Eden. Yet, Adam was alone, lacking companionship. So, God fashioned Eve from Adam’s rib, forming the first-ever human marriage. Their union symbolized more than mere partnership; it was a spiritual bond—a reflection of God’s design for love and companionship. Their story teaches us about trust, intimacy, and the beauty of unity.

Marriage is a sacred covenant—a union of hearts, minds, and spirits. As we journey through life together, let us remember that our love mirrors God’s love for His people. May our marriages be strong, resilient, and filled with grace. Companionship is a divine gift. When two hearts unite, they become stronger together. God’s intention for marriage transcends earthly bonds—it echoes in eternity.

How can we cultivate companionship and trust in our own marriages?

Abraham and Sarah: A Promise Fulfilled (Genesis 17-21)

Abraham and Sarah’s journey exemplifies unwavering faith. They faced infertility for years, yet they clung to God’s promise that they would bear a child. In their old age, God fulfilled His covenant, and Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Their marriage teaches us about patience, perseverance, and the fulfillment of God’s plans—even when circumstances seem impossible. They both desired to have children together. Sarah had almost given up hope until she was informed that she would ‘bear a child” to which she laughed considering her age. But the LORD’s Word is His promise, and it would bear fruition, when Sarah became with “child” in her old age. Faith transforms barrenness into abundance. Trust God’s timing. God’s faithfulness transcends generations. Our waiting is never in vain.

What promises are we waiting for in our marriage?
How can we remain steadfast?

Isaac and Rebekah: Love and Comfort (Genesis 24)

Isaac, Abraham and Sarah’s son, found his wife Rebekah through Divine guidance, and purpose, and according to the LORD’S will. And as a result of obedience and following the steps the LORD ordered for them -their marriage blossomed with love and comfort. Rebekah watered Isaac’s camels, demonstrating kindness and servanthood. Their story reminds us that love is more than attraction—it’s a commitment to serve and care for one another. Love is an action, not just a feeling. Serve one another selflessly. Marriage is a wellspring of comfort—a place where hearts find solace.

This article on “Marriages” came to me as I spoke with a couple that was just newly married. They were delivering quite a bit of snippy and sarcastic remarks to one another – and clearly trying to outdo one another in the “put down” department. I winced. It’s one thing to be young and playful, but to be young and “harsh” to one another, almost painfully mean is quite a different story.

I’m not standing in judgement of anyone, there is only One Being who does that – but being much older and wiser and married for a very long time – I think I’m capable of ascertaining a situation that doesn’t look too “godly” in terms of their union.

It was a flagrant and disrespectful display which made me sad and uncomfortable. It was almost vitriolic as they bounced insults off each other.  They need to stop and ask, “ How can we show love through acts of kindness in our marriage that reflects God as the core of our relationship?”

I pray for that couple and for their juvenile behavior, but most of all – I pray that they would seek the Master Counselor above to help their marriage.  It takes “three” to make a marriage work. As all Christians know. The three in the marriage consist of the couple and God- right in the center of their marriage. And when that happens – things always will work out.

Final Words on Marriage

Gen 2:24 Therefore, shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Realize that marriage is a serious commitment and one that is not to be taken lightly. It is-if the couple is fortunate and blessed-to be a life-long union. It is one that gives and takes. It is one that respects each other. It is one that takes time to understand and to be considerate in actions towards each other. It is one that should be cohesive in body, heart, mind, spirit. And it is one of the most joyous unions one can be gifted with, a loving companion, best friend and playmate.  But the most important aspect of any marriage is keeping God in your marriage. When God is with you – the marriage will grow in solidarity in each other and in Christ.

Finally, for those who are about to be married – I’ve some advice that might bless your union and each other with love and happiness.

Please remember these simple yet important rules in marriage.

  • Love each other daily and completely.
  • Never take each other for granted.
  •  Live each day with each other as if it’s your last – remember that one day it will be.
  • Keep God in everything You do, all the days of your lives.
  • Never retire for the evening mad at each other, make things right that night.
  • Compliment each other.
  • Appreciate each other and all the little things your spouse does.
  • Have fun.
  • Go out on dates.
  • And above all else -never forget who the “head of your family is-” our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!

 “Dear Heavenly Father, bless our marriage as You did Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, and Isaac and Rebekah. May our love be rooted in faith, our commitment unwavering, and our hearts ever open to Your guidance. Strengthen us to serve one another, and may our union reflect Your eternal design. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.”


C D SWANSON is an Author of 22 plus books, freelance writer, contributor to various websites, including The Bottom Line Ministries/Faith News. She's an active member of Faithwriters- and has her online website/ministry for over 15 years. It is her greatest joy to write what’s in her heart, and thus her favorite form of expression is in her devotionals. She and her husband share a deep love of God and dote on their fur baby Mickey. Retired Director from Long Term Healthcare Industry, she continues to be an advocate for many. To check out other writings of this author you can go here:

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  1. It is interesting that Genesis 2:18 says, in reference to the woman, that God “ will make man a helper suitable for him.” This is a point that most people don’t recognize. The woman was created to compliment the man. Men and woman often don’t think alike, because each predominately use a different side of their brain. Women are more adept at certain things than men, and vice-versa. God can put two people together to form a healthy balance.

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