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Our Sustaining Power Of Faith

Psalms 28:7  The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore, my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

Psalm 28:7 Emerges as a vibrant message, encapsulating the pure essence of God’s power, love and our reliance on Him. The verse speaks of a profound trust in the Lord, portraying Him as both a source of strength and our protective shield. This dual imagery of God as both warrior and defender illustrate the comprehensive and at times complex nature of His care.

The Psalmist’s heart rejoices, not merely because of the help received- but from the deep-seated trust in God’s unwavering support. It is this trust that transforms his fear into faith, his weakness into strength, and turmoil into peace. The resulting joy is not a mere fleeting emotion- but a state of being that transcends circumstances, rooted in the certainty of God’s divine and powerful intervention.

As the Psalmist proclaims, “with my song will I praise him,” thus signifies the response of the believer to attest to- and for God’s faithfulness. It is a declaration of intent to worship, and a trust and confidence acknowledgment, that every melody and word sung is a tribute to the One who empowers and protects. Of course, this is still standing and actively ALIVE to this day. God’s love and Mercy endures forever, and always will.

 Psalm 28:7– is a testament to the personal relationship between the believer and the LORD. It reflects a theology that is intimate and experiential. The Psalmist does not speak of an alleged distant deity- but instead it speaks of a personal Protector who is involved in all of the intricacies of human life, at all times.

It also highlights the reciprocal nature of faith. Trusting in God leads to divine intercession and continuous help, which in turn fuels further trust and results in joyous praise overall, and a profound sense of living and loving. This cycle of faith is not passive; it is active and dynamic, engaging every single believer in a continuous rhythm of trust and adoration, and love never ending.

Do you trust God? Are you aware of His Divine Presence, promises and love in your life? When was the last time you felt God’s Presence overwhelmingly?

“Dear LORD, You are my strength and shield, my ever-present help in times of need. My heart trusts in You, and I’m so grateful for the assistance You always provide. May my spirits be filled with joy and may my songs of praise rise to You as a sweet, harmonious offering. Guide me daily in Your truth and grace, now and all the days of my life to come, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”


C D SWANSON is an Author and freelance writer, a contributor to various websites, a member of Faithwriters, and has a website. It is her greatest joy to write what’s in her heart, and thus her favorite form of expression is in her devotionals. She and her husband share a deep love of God and dote on their fur baby Mickey. Retired Director from Long Term Healthcare, she continues to be an advocate for many. To check out other writings of this author you can go here:

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