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The Body Working As One (Chinese/English)

From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.


 The Body Working As One

I have a confession. My body is sometimes a little un-coordinated, and my brain moves quicker than my arms, and I end up knocking something over. Oh, for the time we will have perfect bodies with Jesus in heaven!!!


This is one of the greatest verses on the unity of the church and Paul uses the analogy of the human body, every single part of it, working together and growing together.


That is the deepest wish of our Saviour as outlined in His great High Priestly prayer in John 17. Unity is ONE OF the greatest weapons of the church, and therefore the devil seeks to undermine the unity of the true church at every turn. He seeks to bring schisms and strivings into it, and arguments about every little point of doctrine.


In verse 15, Paul says that we can speak the truth in love, which means we are walking in the same direction. So often we speak correction to people and they reject it.  What would it be like if your arm and leg started going in opposite directions? That is how the body of Christ acts sometimes. We go in direct directions, but we are part of the same body, and if you doubt how Paul felt and how Jesus feels about unity, read 1 Corinthians 12 and John 17.

在第15节,保罗说,我们可以在爱里说真理,这表示我们走在同一个方向。我们经常用言语去纠正别人,而他们却不接受。如果你的胳膊和腿开始向相反的方向移动,那会是什么样子? 基督的身体有时就是这样运作的(指信徒不合一,行动不一致)。我们是很直接,但我们是同一个身体的一部分,如果你质疑保罗的领受以及耶稣对合一的看法,请读哥林多前书12章和约翰福音17章。

Why is it so important for us to walk in true Biblical unity, so that every part of the body can be used to its full potential, as the verse puts it: according to the effectual working in the measure of every part so that each member in the body can work effectively.

我们要在真正合乎圣经的合一中去行事 以便身体的每一个肢体都能充分发挥全部的能力,为什么这件事这么重要?正如经文所说:…根据对各肢体进行有效的评估工作,以便身体各部分能够有效工作。

There are two other reasons why we need to be in biblical unity. First, so the body can grow, more people can come to our Saviour, and when the world sees a church that is filled with love and unity, it sits up and takes notice. Amen.

为什么我们需要合乎圣经的合一,这里还有两个原因。首先,这样一来 这个身体可以成长,更多的人得以来到我们的救主面前,当世界看到一个充满爱和合一的教会,人们就会被吸引 从而更关注…阿门。

Secondly, the members edify each other in love, as they are compacted together. Look what the text says about joints; how they help us move, though we can’t see them, but if we didn’t have them, we couldn’t move. Amen.

其次,各肢体在爱中互相造就,因为他们紧密地结合在一起。看看经文是怎么说各个关节的; 它们如何帮助我们移动,虽然我们看不见它们,但如果没有它们,我们就无法动弹……阿门。

We can only see a small amount of what happens in our bodies, but every organ is vital.  What would happen if our pancreas suddenly stopped or decided, “No one loves or appreciates me.” Then the body would die or be in big trouble.


 We are part of a great big family, each one supporting each other as we grow up to be like Christ. 


What was one of the defining characteristics of Christ?  His unity with the Father.


Let us live in Biblical unity with our brothers and sisters and show the world what a unified and glorious Church Christ has. Amen

让我们与弟兄姐妹在合乎圣经的圣经的合一中去生活,让世人看见 耶稣基督有一个多么合一有荣耀的教会阿门

God bless you.


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