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The Evolution and Creationism Debate: Part II

As I mentioned in my previous article, evolution and creationism is a heavily debated issue due to the fact that unbelievers who are also scientists claim that evolution is the only answer as to how our world became what it is today. The last article focused on what evolutionists think so this article ...

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Part III Vacationing With Different Glasses

So, have I peaked your interest to continue reading and digging into the validity of the argument? If you missed the beginning of this three part series, click here to read Part I and Part II Although there are more contestable features in Yellowstone including the Mammoth Hot Springs and ...

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Part I Vacationing With Different Glasses

Driving along the scattered aspens and lodge pole pines of Yellowstone, my family and I enjoyed the splendor of several geological features as well as the various odors of the park. (not always pleasant because of the amount of sulfur in the air) Our eyes took in famous sites including ...

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