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Part I Vacationing With Different Glasses

Driving along the scattered aspens and lodge pole pines of Yellowstone, my family and I enjoyed the splendor of several geological features as well as the various odors of the park. (not always pleasant because of the amount of sulfur in the air) Our eyes took in famous sites including the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Mammoth Hot Springs.

For two long days we trekked our way across Iowa through the Black Hills of South Dakota and into the mountains and plains of Wyoming. Over 1,000 miles were added to the odometer, and by the time we finally arrived, my five year old son had made a significant life connection, “When you see it on a map, it’s not so far. But, when you drive it for real… it’s far!”

Besides residing in a tent directly next to buffalo for four nights and keeping our smelly belongings locked up to avoid a surprise visit from a bear, we kept our eyes open wide as we drove through the park. For those of you who have never been, you spend as much time driving as you do sightseeing. At least to a kid, that’s how it feels.

Many “oooohhs” and “ahhhs” were shouted out as we either toured or passed by sites along the main road. We all laughed when my son became so enamored with Old Faithful and cried out, “I want to have my birthday party here!” (Not realizing that distance might hinder his idea.)

As visually stimulating and memorable as the trip was, I couldn’t help but be bothered by one repeated notion throughout the entire park, the element of false time, millions and billions of years to be exact. When I was a kid and into my adult life, I was instructed and continued to believe that the earth is millions and billions of years old. However, in recent years I have discovered the inaccuracies of such a conclusion and have based my new knowledge from a creation scientist perspective founded on proven research that the earth is not as old as one may think, but actually it is quite young.

I am by no means a scientific expert in the field of geological dating, but there are several scientific facts to disprove millions and billions of years. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” (Genesis 1:1-2) Did you catch that? God was first, no one else.

“…basing one’s ideas on the Bible gives a very different picture (of the age of the earth). The Bible states that man was made six days after creation, about 6,000 years ago. So a time-line of the world constructed on biblical data would have man almost at the beginning, not the end.” (How Old is the Earth?)

Okay, so that’s maybe an interesting thought if I believed the bible, right? Whether you believe it or not, “The Bible has proven to be more historically and archaeologically accurate than any other ancient book. It has been subjected to the minutest scientific textual analysis possible to humanity and has been proven to be authentic in every way.” (Institute for Creation Research)

“Most people, including Christians, still claim dogmatically that the earth looks old. If we look at the earth through the “glasses” of human reasoning—that only snail-paced present geological processes can explain the past—then the earth does indeed look old. However, that autonomous human reasoning blatantly denies what God’s Word clearly tells us.” (Answers in Genesis)

In this series of articles, I am asking you to take a walk outside of your evolutionary mind set and view the world through a creationist lens. You may begin to discover that the ideas I am supporting are not only valid claims, but ones that will delete the falsehoods you have been taught and rebuild your world view through biblical glasses instead.


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