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Wear the Armor of Light

Are you following Paul’s directive to wear the armor of light? Look past the affairs of earth like nations at war, arguments with people, to the heaven lies where the real battle is being fought between principalities and powers of darkness and God’s warring angels. Jesus made a public spectacle ...

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Parenting On The Battlefield

The Battle At Hand: There is a war taking place inside the four walls of our comfy homes. Regardless of whether the children are living in a well-rounded Christian home or not, they are relentless in their excuses and are finding ways to either avoid or not follow through at all ...

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Living In Safety

In American, Christianity remains a safe choice for most everyone.  It is not so in other areas of our world where refusing to reject Christianity costs your life.  In our safety, we assume we would stand in the face of persecution.  That is a deception the enemy would like us ...

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Back-to-school sales tout the importance of being dressed well.  It reminds me to be more attentive to my wardrobe…not because I need anything though.   My clothes are always in fashion, suited for every occasion, vibrant and eye-catching.  But some days I am distracted and fail to put on my best. ...

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How To Make A Demon Tremble

How To Make A Demon Tremble By Joel B. James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble Friends, sadly part of many of the trails we face during this lifetime on the earth involve dealing with demonic forces. However, this ...

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