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What Are You Flinging? (The Power of Words)

They can flow like a river, making people laugh or cry. They come in the form of gentle, soothing sentences, or angry, hate-filled words. They even come in the form of song. Sometimes, they come from the heart of God—“apples of gold in settings of silver.” Words are so easy ...

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The Wedding Gown

The gown started as white silk fabric, possibly handed down through the hands of a caring relative or friend. Delicate lace would be the finishing touch, adding beauty to the gown. But in the beginning, to the untrained eye, it surely didn’t look like much! She had no pattern to ...

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365 Reasons NOT To Fear

F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real. We live in a 92-year-old bungalow-style home. In my son’s room there is a large walk-in closet, and when my kids were young, that little room was just large enough to hide something scary that could come out only at night when the lights were ...

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Never Lost

Sadly, missing persons cases are not just a current tragedy, but they span decades and even centuries. Many families throughout the years have been left wondering what happened to their loved one. The missing come from different walks of life. Some are runaways living on dangerous streets, some are innocent ...

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