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Can We Please Kill Super Mom?

Somebody recently asked my daughter to tell what her favorite Bible verse was. She said, and I quote, “Whatever that one about God knowing all about you, and loving you anyway. You know, that one that is on my mom’s tattoo on her foot.” (Ps. 139) Not exactly the Sunday ...

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The Faith Of A Christian Camp Tested By Fire

A fire has been burning in the mountains of central California for several weeks, having destroyed nearly 50,000 acres with less than 20 percent containment as of this date.  In the center of it all lies Hume Lake Christian Camps, a conference and retreat center for all ages. It is ...

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Someone Is Always Watching

Have you heard the little song with the line that goes, “…for the father up above is looking down in love…”?  Well, not only is God watching, but others are watching, too.  There are times when people notice the Christian’s not-so-glorious actions; but, there are those times when our Holy-Spirit-inspired ...

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God’s Word Works!

The Word of God works. Truett Cathy proved it—not that it needs proving, but celebrating wisdom’s victories is enjoyable and profitable! Cathy, the Chick-fil-A founder who died this week, left a legacy to learn from. His franchise began with and operates from a biblical foundation. And, as they say, the proof ...

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