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How Do You Fix A Broken World?

How do we fix our broken world? This question is on the minds of most Christians today. The answer is not simple or we would have already done it. God’s Word clearly tells us how to do it. Is our “simple plan” for saving the souls of men working to ...

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The Peaceful King

A king of valor, might, and humility With much determination he stood against incivility This King didn’t carry a scepter or wore a crown on his head, He wore a robe of patience and carried a Bible instead Though this dignitary wore no crown, he wore many hats He was ...

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How Faith Inspired Selma: A Movie Review

Forbes called it “one the most important films of the year.” Selma, nominated for four Golden Globe awards, chronicles the harrowing details of Dr. Martin Luther King’s three-month campaign to secure equal voting rights for African Americans in 1965. Despite having made several strides toward desegregation, the film opens with ...

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