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Just Say NO … To Anger, Hurt, Defeat

Ever felt like you were nothing? A nobody? Insignificant? And unremembered? You are not alone. At some point, we have all felt this way. The question isn’t when will you feel this way but rather what will you do when it happens to you? In Biblical days, there lived a ...

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10 Signs That You Are under Spiritual Attack

Have you sensed that something is not right in your life, but are not able to figure out exactly what? Have you tried to make the feeling go away by distracting your mind, but the nagging feeling still remains. Maybe what you are experiencing is a spiritual attack.  Sometimes, when ...

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Imperfection Versus Value

In my thoughts, I had made the word imperfect synonymous with worthless, unusable, and to be discarded. And, unfortunately in this case, what I focused my thoughts on began to guide my behaviors. My self-worth suffered greatly and negatively affected my relationships. But did you know that God’s thoughts about ...

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