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Where’s The Doctrine?

The older generation may remember a television commercial decades ago when hamburger fast-food chains were opening. It featured an elderly lady driving up to the window and yelling, “Where’s the beef?” Today, many Christians should be asking, “Where’s the doctrine?” To call oneself a Christian, doctrine does matter. But sometimes ...

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Having A Confident Assurance Of Going To Heaven

It has been reported that at a recent news conference journalist Chris Health asked Donald Trump if he believed in heaven and was going there. Trumps response? “I hope so. That’s what I strive for” with a “pretty good” chance of making it. This dialogue brings to the surface several ...

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When Is the Best Time To Be Saved?

When is it the right time to get saved? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? How about after you’ve lived it up and had a taste of all that life has to offer? After all, there’s no time limit on salvation, or is there? I observed the following scene on a television ...

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