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Believing the Best in Others

We all have people in our lives who have let us down, or hurt us in some manner. Our flesh may want to seek revenge, stay angry, or even keep unforgiveness in our hearts of the ones who have inflicted pain. Believing the worst in others entails not believing that ...

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Forgiveness Versus Reconciliation

“She said she was sorry for at least the tenth time. Each time that I forgive, she changes for a little while but then goes right back to her old behavior. I know I am supposed to forgive as I am a Christian.” Does the above sound familiar? I encounter ...

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Is there any hope for healing?


Heart wounds flow like a river through this world.  Despair rises when hope for healing feels foolish.   Slashing words, lies, even physical violence cut into our souls and sometimes pierce our spirit.  Every day there is a sad truth revealed:  hurt people hurt people.  Every Christian possesses the power to stop ...

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