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It doesn’t matter how the day is going, or what has been accomplished, something is bound to go wrong.  One of my favorite exclamations when this happens to me is ‘There is always something!’ We’ve all been there.  We plan an event, or a trip, or even just a simple, ...

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Are You God’s Friend?

Thankful.  That’s what I am; overjoyed and humbled to declare, announce, shout out that, “God is my Friend”.  To think that the God of all creation, the One who made the sun and the moon and hung the planets in just the right spots and then created mankind in His ...

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The Power Of Love – Transending Boundaries

Abby and Cherokee.  What a team!  Their bond was tight.  There was a knowing between these two that brought joy to them both and amazement to me.   They shared sweet times of bonding that spanned eight wonderful years while grooming, riding, learning, showing, playing chase, and “sitting” (on the ...

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